Why Maintenance Is Important

A pool or hot tub is a big investment.

With just a few minutes every week you can protect yourself and your investment.
By ensuring the water you are enjoying is balanced, free from germs and bacteria, you are also protecting your spa/pool equipment.
If your pool water is acidic or scale forming it will do damage to your system, it may not show up for some time but eventually lack of proper water balancing will cost you money.
So bring us your water samples and we’ll let ALEX tell you what you need.
Our professionally trained staff are always ready to answer any questions you may have

As a BioGuard Platinum dealership, we are professionally trained on hot tub and pool maintenance. BioGuard is North America’s largest producer of pool & spa water treatment products.

BioGuard offers products using the latest technology ensuring you are receiving the highest concentration of active ingredients.

That’s very important in the pool/spa industry, more fillers and unnecessary product add to your TDS level. When your TDS level reaches around 1500 PPM, you notice you’ll need more product to get the same result. Furthermore when your TDS level increases unnecessarily you will have to drain more often, we all have better things to do than drain and refill our hot tubs. Purchasing the highest quality of product actually saves you money and time. You’ll use less product and you will not have to drain as often. Win! Win!

BioGuard makes sure every dealership has trained staff Рto analyze  your water, provide information about the correct product to use, when, why and to answer any water chemistry questions you may have.

As a family owned business we want everyone to use their pools and hot tubs, most importantly to use them safely, we are not just trying to sell you product, in fact you might find you use less on a BioGuard program than others.

Information is always free, as is our water analysis, bring us a liter of water, tell us how many liters of water in your pool or hot tub and we will show you our results, answer any questions and you’ll be on your way to crystal clear water.