Buying a Hot Tub can be confusing

  • The Hot Tub Industry – Contrary to the norm you can still find dealerships that value your business, offer quality products and are knowledgeable about every aspect of the industry.
  • Do Your Research – It falls to you, the consumer to do some research ahead of time, find out about the basic options, ask hard questions, what’s included, delivery, set up, how do you maintain it?
  • Ask about warranty – do they have technicians to repair your spa in or out of warranty. A reputable dealership will provide, delivery, set up, starter chemicals and show you how to operate your new hot tub. After delivery they will be able to offer technical support, service calls – if required and Free Professional water advice and testing.
  • Pressure? No Answers? – If you get vague answers about any of these questions,experience high pressure or are offered unwanted freebies,  that may not be the place to purchase.
  • Location – Before building the spa into your deck, consider your access – are you comfortable stepping down that distance without a hand hold?
  • Access to Equipment Area – Keep in mind you will need access at minimum a couple of times a year – if the spa has been built into a deck – extra labor charges may apply to access equipment for repair and/or repairs may be impossible until the spa is drained and lifted.
  • Be Happy – A hot tub is supposed to offer you enjoyment – purchasing from a reputable dealership will keep it that way!

RememberALL hot tubs require maintenance – most dealerships are not just – “Trying to Sell you Chemicals” – they are trying to make sure you are bathing in safe clean water.

Our professionally trained staff will work with you to find a system that you are comfortable with, how much product to use, when and why.