Nordic Plunge

We are excited to bring you the new experience of the ICE Plunge, with the Nordic Plunge Tubs and Nordic Plunge Barrel. Embrace yourself in the ice plunge revolution.


Due to high demand, there is a 3 to 6 week delivery on some items. Order now to beat the holiday rush.

Collection: Maple Spa, Maple Hot Tubs

Canadian made Maple Hot Tubs have a touch of elegance that are built with your comfort in mind. 

Included, K1000 Gecko Touchscreen, Chrome Jets, Cover 5"/3", Illuminated Waterfalls, Illuminated Valve Controller, 16 Led perimeter lights, Spa Bag. 

Options available on some models, Volcano Jet, Audio In stream (Blue tooth), Led Lets 3" and 5", WIFI, Shell color, Sterling, Tuscan Sun, Storm Cloud, Midnight Canyon, skirt color: Gray, Brown