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Hayward Heater Pressure Switch

Hayward Heater Pressure Switch

Hayward H-Series Replacement Water Pressure Switch for ALL Models.

Hayward Item Code: FDXLWPS1930 and FDXLWPS1931


  • Genuine Hayward H-Series Replacement Water Pressure Switch.
  • Compatible with ALL Hayward Forced Draft Heaters:
    • H150FDN, H150FDP, H200FDN, H200FDP, H250FDN, H250FDP, H300FDN, H300FDP, H350FDN, H350FDP, H400FDN, and H400FDP.
  • Compatible with ALL Hayward ASME Forced Draft Heaters:
  • Compatible with ALL Hayward H-Series A/G H135 Heaters:
    • H135ID1, and H135IDP1.
  • Please Note: FDXLWPS1930 is compatible with all residential / commercial ASME unit December 2020 and Prior.
    • Ex. 21122012xxxxxxxx
  • Please Note: FDXLWPS1931 is compatible with all residential unit January 2021 and Forward.
    • Ex. 21122101xxxxxxxx

All service on gas appliances shall be performed by a licensed HVAC contractor.

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