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Nordic Cold Plunge Tub

Nordic Cold Plunge Tub


Nordic Cold Plunge Tub

(Chiller not included.)

Experience the power of cold therapy in the comfort of your home and elevate your wellness journey to extraordinary heights.

Our inflatable cold plunge tub is engineered to last using high-performance drop-stitch PVC material. Delivering an unparalleled sensory experience, triggering an array of health benefits. From promoting faster muscle recovery to boosting circulation and reducing stress, cold therapy has been praised for its transformative impact on both the mind and body.

What's included?

  • Classic Cold Plunge Tub: Our signature inflatabe plunge tub is expertly constructed using high-quality, durable PVC Drop-Stitch technology (the same technology used in inflatable paddle boards), ensuring longevity and excellent performance. Its spacious interior offers ample room to embrace the cold therapy experience.

    Choose either the standard size or XL - (if you’re over 6’5”, we recommend the XL as you’ll be more comfortable).
  • Premium Insulated Cover: Keep your plunge tub colder for longer! The bundle includes a premium insulated cover designed to retain the chill.
  • Accessory Kit: Also includes a Pump, Carry-Case, and Repair Kit.

Your Wellness, Your Way: The Classic Cold Plunge Tub Bundle empowers you to take charge of your wellness journey. Customize your cold therapy routine to fit your specific needs and embrace the revitalizing power of cold water immersion.)


Details and Specs

  • The TUB Standard (6'3" & Under) Dimensions: 135L X 80W X 60H (cm) 
  • The TUB Large (6'4" & Up) 150L 65W X 67H (cm)
  • The TUB XL (2 Person) Dimensions: 190L X 75W X 70H (cm)
  • Extremely Portable - Just Deflate & Transport
  • Insulated TUB & Cover For Cold & Heat Retention
  • One Year Warranty
  • Backed by Our 60-Day LOVE-IT Guarantee
  • Convenient inflatable design that's built for easy setup & transport.

How to choose your size.

The height recommendation is for maximum comfort and so you can submerge and stretch out.

  • Standard: For those 6'3" & Under
  • Large: For Those 6'4" & Over
  • XL: For plunging with friends or if you REALLY like to stretch out.

**One thing to note about the XL is that when full, the pressure of the water causes the sides to bow out a bit. It does no harm to the tub. We include an additional lid style to ensure you get a perfect seal.*

 What's included

  • The Tub
  • The Pump
  • The Convenient Carry Bag
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