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Pool Kits

15'x30' Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool (Pre-Order Only)

15'x30' Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool (Pre-Order Only)

Zenith by Vogue

This pool kit package includes materials to build the structure, important accessories, a-frame ladder and all necessary equipment to keep it flowing!

Pool Details (Included)

  • Size: 15' x 30' oval 52" deep
  • Model: Zenith
  • Brand: Vogue
  • Walls: Steel
  • Liner: Brighton / Prism full pattern EZ bead liner
  • Warranty: 25 year pro-rated (liner), 100% 2 years, then 30% discount (pool structure)
  • Not warranted with salt water chlorination.

Equipment Package (Included)

  • Sand filter (14") & pump (1/2hp) combo
  • Skimmer & inlet package
  • 50lbs of filter sand
  • 15' of 1-1/2" PVC flex plumbing & PVC pool/spa glue

Accessory Bundle (Included)

  • Deluxe Maintenance Kit (Brush, skimmer net, water test kit, and much more)
  • Telescopic extendable pole 8' to 16'.
  • Liner guard and wall insulation.
  • Solar blanket and Winter cover (the good ones!).

Contact us for more information.  Shipping charges extra (entire kit will arrive on 2 separate skids).  Materials to construct base for pool not included.  Images shown may not  reflect pool, equipment, and accessories perfectly.

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