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Pool Kits

24' Round Above Ground Swimming Pool

24' Round Above Ground Swimming Pool

Zenith by Vogue

This pool kit package includes materials to build the structure, and comes with products to maintain clear water, solar blanket, winter cover, liner guard, and all necessary equipment to keep it flowing!

Pool Details (Included)

  • Size: 24' round 52" deep
  • Model: Zenith
  • Brand: Vogue
  • Walls: Steel
  • Liner: Brighton / Prism full pattern EZ bead liner
  • Warranty: 25 year pro-rated (liner), 100% 2 years, then 30% discount (pool structure)
  • Not warranted with salt water chlorination.

Equipment Package (Included)

  • Sand filter (14") & pump (1hp) combo
  • Skimmer & inlet package
  • 50lbs of filter sand, 15' of 1-1/2" PVC flex plumbing & PVC pool/spa glue

Accessory Bundle (Included)

  • Deluxe Maintenance Kit (Brush, skimmer net, water test kit, and much more)
  • Telescopic accessory extendable pole 12-16'. Metal cam.
  • Liner guard, solar blanket, and winter cover
  • Water treatment package (1x 946ml 30% algaecide, 12x 400g pouches of premium oxidizer, 1x 946ml concentrated clarifier, and 1x 6kg pail of 200g chlorine pucks

Contact us for more information.  Shipping charges extra (entire kit will arrive on 2 separate skids).  Materials to construct base for pool not included.  Images shown may not  reflect pool, equipment, and accessories perfectly.

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