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Plunge Tubs

Cold Plunge Tub Bundle by Coldture

Cold Plunge Tub Bundle by Coldture

 Take your performance to the next level with The Classic Cold Therapy Plunge Tub.

The Barrel Cold Plunge Tub Bundle is ideal for individuals seeking a compact and water-efficient tub while desiring a clean and consistent at-home or on-the-road cold tub experience.

Our comprehensive set, comprising the tub and chiller, is capable of cooling water to 3 degrees Celsius (37F), ensuring a deep chill.

The tub's insulated walls enable faster and more efficient cooling, while also maintaining desired temperatures. Additionally, our Wi-Fi control and digital display allow you to customize your bathing experience remotely. The Chiller is constructed using industrial-grade components, ensuring its durability even under rigorous use.

With our plug-and-play design, you can set up the complete system in a matter of minutes.

Don't delay any further - order The Barrel Cold Plunge Tub Bundle today!

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