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Pool Accessories

EcO Start - Smart Water Monitor w/ Gateway

EcO Start - Smart Water Monitor w/ Gateway

Just Let It Float
This is the answer if you're looking for something to simplify pool or hot tub water.
You just need to put EcO in the water after having followed the step-by-step guide. Using the iopool app, you will then be able to get in real-time readings: 
pH level, ORP or disinfection capacity, and water temperature.

See it in action!


This Bundle Includes:
EcO monitor x1
Start Guide x1
Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Gateway (incl. in EcO Start and Connect only) x1
Free iopool app access.

Iopool App
The iopool app gives you maintenance recommendations based on the data collected by the EcO monitor. No more guessing games! The app tells you when and how much of a product you should use to keep up with your pool chemistry. 
EcO+ Iopool App =  balanced, safe, clear water 24/7
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