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Pool Heaters

Jandy Igniter Lite 2 LJ Pool Heaters

Jandy Igniter Lite 2 LJ Pool Heaters

Jandy - R0367100 - 4 Inch Mini Igniter Replacement for Lite 2 LJ Pool Heaters

Your pool heater contains many different elements that work together to provide the warm, comforting water you get to enjoy each swimming season. But even if every other part of your pool heater is in perfect shape, you're not going to get much use from a heater that won't ignite.

Over time, the ignitor in your Zodiac or Jandy brand pool heater is under a lot of stress, and over time, it may stop functioning. When this happens, Zodiac can provide you with the perfect replacement part.

The R0367100 Jandy Ignitor provides for a perfectly fitted replacement for existing ignitors on Jandy Lite2 and LJ Heaters. This small part provides a world of function, and matches your original ignitor perfectly - ensuring excellent fit and function. For any experienced pool repair professional, replacing a damaged ignitor is a very minor repair that can be completed in a single service call.

To be sure you can get your pool heater up and running like new, and fast, make sure that the R0367100 Jandy Ignitor is a match for your existing equipment.

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