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Maple Spa Luxury M720

Maple Spa Luxury M720

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Starting at under $14,000.00
The M720 model sits up to 7-8 bathers, featuring smooth lines and river rock footwell. 

The Ottawa Spa (M720) is more likely feature as an ergonomic spa, with it’ s distribution space within the seats. Each station offers different type of massages due to the jet disposition.

Seating: Up to 8          Dimensions: 87"x 87"x 36"
All models include a 5" to 3" tapered vinyl cover, superior 4-sided & corner plus floor insulation panels (not full-foam), and robust thick synthetic skirting in brown or grey.
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Dimensions 85”x65”x34”
Full Weight 2910LB/1320kgs
Unloaded weight 640LB/290kgs
Water 1030 L
Number of places 3
Number of seats 1
Number of berths 2
Number of jets 47
Number of water 31
Number of air jets 16
Pump 1 - 3HP
Pump 3 - 1HP/air
Air Controllers 3
Volts 220vac
Rated Amps 60Amp

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