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Spa Scents

Spazazz Elixir Florawood "Romantic"

Spazazz Elixir Florawood "Romantic"


Elixir Florawood "Romantic"

    • Bathe in the sensual and romantic aroma of fresh cut flowers. It evokes feelings of passion as it frees your spirit and provides a deep sense of emotion.
    • Relax and enjoy a sensual evening with that special person in a warm bath or hot tub full of the deep rich aroma.
    • Are you ready for a romantic evening?

    Safe for spas, hot tubs and bath, oil free, will not clog filter, jets, or affect water chemistry.

    Directions: Add 1 capful to every 100 gallons of water into your spa or bath to attain your desired aroma level. Enjoy!

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