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Swim Spa 1200

Swim Spa 1200


Elevate your aquatic lifestyle with the Ares Swim Spa, a harmonious blend of relaxation and fitness. Boasting 36 precision-engineered jets, it offers a soothing hydrotherapy experience that revitalizes your body and mind. The inclusion of 3 comfortable seats provides a communal space for shared moments of tranquility. Whether unwinding after a strenuous day or hosting intimate gatherings, this swim spa caters to your needs. Its dual functionality as a serene retreat and a versatile exercise arena makes it an ideal investment. Dive into the Ares Swim Spa to create a haven of well-being, where leisure and health seamlessly converge.

  • 169" x 87" x 47"
  • 30 massage jets
  • 6 Swim jets
  • 4 person
  • Premium LED lighting
  • Bluetooth audio
  • Platinum Premium Shield insulation
  • 240V / 60 amp
  • Heater: 5.5kw
  • 1x 5HP Spa pump
  • 3x 6HP Swim Spa pumps
  • 1x Circulation pump
  • Sterling Marble shell
  • Gray skirting
  • Gray vinyl cover
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