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Wave Spas

Wave Spas / 6 Person / Inflatable / Octagon / Navy

Wave Spas / 6 Person / Inflatable / Octagon / Navy

Introducing the all-new Aegean, our groundbreaking addition to the inflatable hot tub market! This octagonal marvel isn't just about its stunning new shape, which effortlessly complements any garden setting, but it also leads the pack with its advanced, integrated heater. Standing out from the crowd, this heater is ingeniously built into the walls of the spa, saving space and enhancing the sleek profile while reducing operational noise by 15%.

Dimensions: 77'' x 25''

Electrical: 115V Plug-n-Play

Heater: 1,350W

Volume: 910L

Free Shipping (Tracked) – Relaxation in 3-5 working days

50% Cheaper – Half the running costs of inflatable spas

2 Years Warranty – Our spas are built to last

Quick & Easy Setup – 30 mins and tool-free

15% Quieter – For a more tranquil experience

WiFi Controlled – With the app or our easy-use controller.

The only thing missing from our hot tubs is you!
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